Mission Statement

To develop and make available a range of quality, tasty and affordable Halal products. Tahira your trusted halal supplier feeds the UK and the western Europe markets with more than 50 delicious products.

 Halal or delicious food? No compromisation.

  • Our Presence
  • Tahira Foods Limited is today the leading producer and distributor of Halal foods in Europe with a head office in London and a distribution infrastructure composed of depots, cold stores and a fleet of delivery vans in the United Kingdom (London and Manchester), France (Paris, Lille and Lyon), Germany (Hamburg, Stuttgart, Berlin and Siegburg), Holland (Breukelen) and Sweden (Malmo). Tahira products are also distributed through independent wholesalers in Denmark, Italy, Spain, Ireland and Austria.

  • Corporate Objective
  • Founded in June 1994, the Tahira Group was set up as a company dedicated to the building of Tahira as a brand name and Halal reference point, which the Muslim consumer in the EU can trust for the quality, authenticity as well as halal integrity of its products. It targets all Muslims in Europe –native born as well as immigrants by:

    • Developing the widest possible range of meat and poultry based products.
    • Designing products with a high quality to price ratio.
    • Using attractive and distinctive packaging.

    Our Commitment

    Tahira is committed to the Muslim consumer and will:

    Ensure at all times the Halal integrity of its products.
    Expand its range to meet the changing requirements of its customers.
    Maintain the highest possible quality to price ratio.

    Tahira is committed to its retail customer and will:
    Make sure products are always available.
    Merchandise the stores on a regular basis.
    Offer promotions and point of sales material.

    Our Range

    The biggest and most diverse range of Halal products in Europe.
    A range which includes fresh, frozen and ambient products.
    A range with products of superior quality.
    A range with beef, lamb and chicken based products.
    A range with modern, attractive and distinctive packaging.
    A range with products competitively priced.

    Halal Certification